December 14, 2003

GFS Annual Meeting

So last night was awesome. GFS has an Annual Meeting every year at Christmas time. I'm an intern there, so I got to go. First was a dept meeting where they announced awards and stuff; kinda boring, especially in comparison to the rest of the night.

It was at the new DeVos Place and the entertainment was a whole fair, inside the building. Clean, indoors, and all free! Ferris wheel, DDR, mechanical bull (awesome), Segways (very awesome), buffet dinner, fancy desserts upstairs, other fair rides, giant twister, elephant ears, bungee runs, etc, etc. I went with Cherith and we met up with Kyle and Kelly Adams, and hung out with Keen and Randy & Dana for a while.

I forgot to bring my camera, but fortunately all my friends there are Comp Sci people like me, so they had their digital cameras. Once I get pics from them I'll steal them and put them in my photo gallery.

Posted by Dave at December 14, 2003 11:02 PM