January 31, 2004


Toothpick boxes on high shelves should be closed securely.

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January 28, 2004

why do i have to title these things?

if your car gets stuck and you kill the engine, don't forget to put the car in park. true, it's not going anywhere, but your keys aren't either if you leave it in park. thank God for random strangers who can help you figure these things out. and for nearby friends who will help shovel and push you out.

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January 26, 2004

new mouse

I have a new optical mouse. It's scrollwheel glows red from the red light inside. Neat-o

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a new hero

I have a new hero. My only other hero (Donald Knuth) is a real one, not a silly one like this. But check this out: http://james.acz.org/images/misty2.mpg and http://james.acz.org/images/flatrail.mpg

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January 23, 2004

re: frickin awesome!

Followup to this blog and more rambling

Chimes, the calvin newspaper, ran an article on CSX BookConnection website today. I emailed them the story idea. the article was quite good in my opinion. should raise awareness of this neat-o service we've got. Along with the 100 or so posters that me and Eric and Jason put up last night. And the student-news email that went out the day before. So far we've got 286 users this month and we have 510 books for sale and about 100 sold.

I'm also working on making ice skates and i think they'll work and calvin has a wood shop and metal shop i can use to make them streamlined so turning is possible.

and the same Eric and Jason who volunteered to help put up posters have volunteered to help get a on-campus tv guide working. i had one last year and people still want it. even just today my girlfriend's roommate wanted me to fix it. having help should make this possible. i still have to get the backend working, they're going to work on the php frontend.

i had 84 (non-spam) emails to read this morning. arg.

Kyle and AJ and I are meeting next week to discuss the future of FamilySite. A re-write using smarty instead of phphtmllib is the key focus. Also design issues so that GEDCOM will be supported well and communication features that Kyle wants can be included.

my girlfriend is awesome

looking into housing for next year... definitely won't be living in the same house. 1 guy moved out already. 2 more after the lease is up. Chris and I are going to look at my friend Andy's house on monday. Not sure what Big Chris will do; likely live on his own. Andy's a cool guy. It'd be nice to live there I think.

haven't gotten started doing PocketPC programming research for CSI yet. i better do that tomorrow when I'm going to be home without the car all day anyway. And work on my Intrusion Detection project with Snort.

Likely will watch Escanaba in da Moonlight tonight. It's been a long time since I saw it in theaters but quite hilarious if i recall correctly.

Went to Mongolian BBQ for lunch today (well, i'd call it breakfast since it was my first meal of the day). Never been there before, but it lived up to my expectations. Return visits are necessary.

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January 22, 2004

is there a doctor in the house?

can you die of happiness? i'm afraid.

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making ice skates

I have embarked on a mission to make ice skates. Key ingredients: old shoes, butter knives. I have a knive embedded in a 2x4 and tested it on the ice tonight. It works quite well. I am photographing this intense exercise in coolness so I will be able to share it with everyone when its glory is realized.

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January 21, 2004

real hacking

In my intrusion detection class we learned about Mitnick's attack. We've been mostly focusing on detecting covert channels and signs of attacks, not how you would implement the attacks. But the discussion of the SYN flood made me realize I think I know enough of the method and the few names of tools mentioned would give me the implementation to do it myself. So me and a few friends are planning on getting on a local network and seeing who can take down each other's computer first. Or who can take down a dummy box first. Of course none of us really know much about hacking, so we're going to agree on a set of tools first, because otherwise a difference in tools would quite likely make the difference.

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January 20, 2004

Clifford Stoll

Clifford Stoll spoke today at Calvin's January Series (streaming archive available). Quite an entertaining lecture. Once he got to talking about technology in education I think he was a bit one-sided (tech can be a very good aid when used properly) and besides that as he said, everything was obvious. Lots of interesting tidbits only us CS/Math types picked up on, like "pop the stack" when he was coming back from an aside. And he jumped around a lot. Seriously. I mean literally, not his train of thought. Although that too. And I think all CS guys from the 60s that make public appearances have hair like him.

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i don't have a dog.

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fricking awesome!

Some serious awesomeness going on. Details later as things flush out.

In the meantime, Calvin folks should buy and sell their textbooks at CSX's BookConnection

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January 16, 2004

ISBNs and UPCs

ISBNs and UPCs are directly related. I'm working on a site that helps students to buy and sell used books. ISBN is a key factor. First, it can use ISBNs to automatically pull the author, title, and edition from the Library of Congress database (see earlier post; lots of awesomeness there). But I myself had trouble finding the ISBN of one book because a sticker with the UPC was on top of it. However, the UPC can be used to calculate the ISBN. The first 3 numbers (the country code) for all books are 978. The next 9 are the ISBN (except for the checksum). The last is a UPC checksum. So we can easily extract 9 of the ISBN digits and calculate the final (checksum) digit. my isbn and upc functions (in php)

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January 14, 2004

perspectives on homosexuality and divorce

The Christian perspectives on homosexuality and divorce are not in alignment with scripture. This was inspired by a few sentences in today's January Series about Protestant leadership in America.

Everyone, Christian and not, is up in arms about homosexuality. We've gotten to the point where it has to be accepted in some ways. The debates rage over what those ways are. In the Christian community these include, among others, membership and leadership in a church, and if the homosexuality is accepted as-is or if the homosexual is working to change his life.

Nobody talks about divorce. The public finds it okay, but does value non-divorced families. The church is not much different. Perhaps the community is more dissappointed in that it is happening, but that's about it.

This should not be.

I haven't taken the time to find references, so I will draw from my recollections of the Bible and the brief mentionings of this issue in the talk today. Feel free to dissent with specific examples.

The Bible is not explicitly clear how homosexuals should be treated. Christ says nothing on the topic. No need to delve into various interpretations for this musing.

The Bible gives explicit instructions about divorce.

"I hate divorce," says the LORD God of Israel (Malachi 2:16a)
In Matthew 5:31-32, Christ says any form of divorce and remarriage (hmm.. what about just divorce), except in the case of marital unfaithfulness is adultery.

We should be ten times more upset about divorces than we are. We know what God thinks about it. We should preach sermons on divorce. We should educate high schoolers about it. Pre-marital counseling with a heavy emphasis on it should be mandatory (I think some churches and/or pastors require this). Those who consider divorce should be counseled (by friends or Christian professionals). Those who do get divorced should be thought of like those who have sex before marriage.

It's adultery.

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development around the world

I'm a developer for Forrest. I wake up this morning with 20+ emails in my box for the forrest-dev list. 20 is high for a total day. So it's been a busy night. Except that I think most of the devs are in Europe, so it wasn't night for them. And now it's been several hours without any emails, except for the replies I sent.

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January 13, 2004

thinking ahead...

So far I've got 68 people on my list of invitees for my birthday party. That's a lot. But it's going to be awesome, especially if everyone comes. That means you! Seriously. You are my friend. More details (meaning, I'll 'officially' invite you) forthcoming.

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January 12, 2004

time to do stuff

So I didn't have much to speak of in the way of classes last week. And I didn't work this morning. But now I have homework and have to get up early tomorrow for work, and have to go to meijer and finish laundry. And I only feel like doing 1 or 2 of those things, not all 4. oh well

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January 10, 2004

resume update

Updated my resume, http://www.brondsema.net/resume.html No particular reason, except that it was out of date. The objective sucks, and I need to add some open-source stuff to it; but there's no need to do that now.

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cancun pics

My cancun pics are up. http://www.brondsema.net/gallery/cancun

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January 09, 2004


This is the best moment of my life.

It's my personal policy to be happier/better/awesomer each day. Now in practice this doesn't always work, but on average it has. Really spectacular days in years gone by are still part of me so they count towards my current happiness factor; this helps to prevent the happiness trend from descending.

And I'm presently at a peak. Had a good time with my girlfriend last night, went to lunch after work with some friends from there, and then since I have no class in the afternoon I leisurely perused computer books and old yearbooks at the library.

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squirrel death

I saw a squirrel get run over today. It dashed across the street about 20 yards ahead of me, made it past 2 lanes fine, hesitated and dashed around the center line a bit, and then tried to cross the next 2 lanes. It should've played frogger more as a child.

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Say "such" outloud 10 times. What an ugly word. What does it even mean? But it's quite utile.

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January 07, 2004


So it's interim and I have just one class (computer intrusion detection) a day for 3 hours. Today was the first day of class and it was only 1.5 hours long because my prof had to be in Phoenix tonight. And he's not coming back until Sunday. So no class tomorrow or Friday!!!!!!

And in the 1.5 hours of class that I did have I actually learned a lot of cool things and sat by my friend Randy.

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January 06, 2004

dodge the bullet

dodge the bullet
time to kill it
wake up and smell the roses
roses are red
from bullet-blood
violets are blue
where are you?
some voice proposes
we both are dead
now drag me through the mud

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January 05, 2004

buddy lists & more

The population of my buddy list dropped dramatically about 3 weeks ago. Over the course of the last day or so I it increased from probably arond 15 to the more normal 35 now.

Tomorrow I will join the ranks of those back at school. Classes start Wednesday.

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January 04, 2004

i ate pancreas

I determined today that I ate pancreas on New Year's Eve. Our family took a short vacation to Cancun and when we were at an Argentinian Steakhouse there, we were served sweetbread. We recognized it as a meat immediately, but none of us knew what it was exactly. We looked it up today, and it is the pancreas. It didn't taste too bad, although not particularly flavourful either.

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Photo Gallery

So I'm using "Gallery" as my photo gallery. But it has some stupid limitations so I can't import my nicely organized photos. And I've finally organized them all; there's lots of new photos (Honduras 2002, last summer, recent trip to Cancun, floormates & dorm friends, etc) but I've no easy way to get them into Gallery.

So here's my choices: put a few select albums into my existing photo gallery; revert to an old and sorta ugly photo browsing system, but with all my new pics; wait a few months until I write a good photo browsing system that works the way I want it.

So what do you want? A useful gallery, an up-to-date gallery, or both in several months? Let me know!

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January 03, 2004

chewing gum was invented by a dentist

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