March 30, 2004

Big Chris

Big Chris moved out today.

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March 29, 2004


honduras buddies
antelope power

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March 28, 2004

spring break accomplishments

  • more work on opengl module port to qt3-win32
  • enhanced bash completion (actually i forgot about it yesterday and today's list is seeming pretty short)
    Tab completion for files & directories is nice. command-sensitive tab completion for arguments such as: hostnames, Makefile targets, mount points, man pages, env vars, etc is awesome!

    I just found out about it today and had to share in case others don't know about it either. In gentoo, just emerge bash-completion and uncomment the appropriate line in your .bashrc file

    Other folks can download it from:
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March 27, 2004

spring break accomplishments

  • finished QT paint program
  • decided getopt/getopts is not flexible enough... write my own? i don't reallly feel like it
  • began an attempt at porting the opengl module for qt3-win32
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March 26, 2004

spring break accomplishments

  • got VS.NET to compile an SDL program including sdl_image and sdl_ttf
  • began looking in to parsing options for LANTS. bash's getopt is quite limited and the external getopts isn't too swell either. too bad this is a shell script. C's getopts(...) and perl's getopts definitely look nicer. at least you can set up multidimensial arrays to work with
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March 25, 2004

pepperoni soup

from mom's "soups" recipe book (by Irena Chalmers)

any fresh vegetabls can be used to make this soup, but be sure not to cook them until they have lost their crispness

serves 6

  • 1 medium sized zucchini
  • 2 carrots
  • 5 cups chicken broth
  • 1 onion, finely chopped
  • 1/2 cup sliced firm sausage (e.g. pepperoni or salami)
  • 1/2 tsp basil
  • 1 cup cooked chicken shredded
  • 1/2 cup ditalini (or other small sized macaroni), cooked al dente 3 handsful of no yolks broad noodles

cut the zucchini in half lengthwise and scoop out the central part, leaving behinda thin shell. cut shell into matchsticks 1.5" x 1/8" in size. simmer in 1/4 cup salted water for four minutes. drain and rinse under cold water. cut the carrots the same way and cook in the same way for six minutes.

bring the chicken broth to simmering point and add the onion, sausage and basil. simmer for 10 minutes and add the chicken, ditalini or other small sized macaroni, and the vegetables. cook until hot

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March 24, 2004

spring break accomplishments

not much since I drove home and then the internet wasn't working at my parents' house

  • wrote XSL stylesheet to strip <ulink>s from docbook files before converting them to man pages; integrated it into the automake/autoconf for LANTS
  • nearly finished QT/Gl paint program, using GL code from last project and coding Qt stuff based on header files (since I had no access to the real documentation)
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spring break accomplishments

Not much today in the way of programming. I spent time cleaning my room and getting ready to drive home tomorrow, errands, and played Magic the Gathering with Matt & Kyle.

  • minor Forrest bug fixes
  • installed VS.NET 2003 (from MSDNAA) on laptop, in hopes that I can get SDL, freetype, sdl_ttf, and sdl_image to all work simultaneously so that we can release Kal's Quest for Windows.
  • Continued working on QT/GL paint program for graphics class
  • fixed category archive links on blog to point to the HTML pages (they were linking to category RSS files). hopefully my category RSS feeds will still generate.
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March 22, 2004

spring break accomplishments

  • extended Forrest docbook stylesheet to support 'refentry' and it's children, and 'email' and 'variablelist' elements
  • tested and improved above with a few external docbook examples
  • set up LANTS to use Forrest
  • posted CSX logos to web; put on wiki and viewcvs
  • various Forrest documentation & source tweaks
  • fixed broken .gif files in Forrest due to svn:eol-style native being incorrectly set on them
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spring break accomplishments

  • checked LANTS into cvs
  • added documentation build support to LANTS; using docbook as a source it can currently to convert to manpages; use of Forrest in the future
  • talked with Andy about his progress on WWW::Scraper::ISBN modules
  • Installed and set up Radio UserLand to do bittorrent downloads of RSS enclosures (according to these instructions). if it works well, i might try my hand at getting a linux client to do it, and then set up an RSS feed for strongbad emails.
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March 21, 2004

my 1-year linux anniversary

I've been using linux as my primary desktop OS for over one year now. Last spring break I took my 3rd attempt at getting Gentoo running and I finally made it. In addition to my prior 2 attempts, I had short stints of Mandrake and Redhat but those were relatively short lived.

I'm currently running with an uptime of 39 days and my record is about 60 days. I reboot into windows to use my scanner (Canoscan 1220U unsupported in linux AFAIK), MS Word Spanish spellcheck & grammar check, cd burning (I haven't taken the time to get it working in linux yet).

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March 20, 2004

spring break accomplishments

  • Got automake/autoconf to work, including configuring it to work without trying to compile C sources (we just have bash scripts as sources)
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March 19, 2004

spring break accomplishments

Spring break has begun and since seeing my girlfriend off to Boston, I've already:

  • Updated to use Forrest-generated pages.
  • Posted the XXE Forrest Config files w/ instructions. And updated the Forrest catalog page to link to it.
  • Wrote Forrest FAQ about breadcrumbs.
  • Documented how to add a CVS checkout command info to ViewCVS
  • Learning automake/autoconf to make a LANTS install slickly. Not a single line of code has been written for LANTS yet, but I figure I might as well start at the beginning.
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March 10, 2004


Forrest is now using subversion (SVN) and it's working great! Even in windows! Even behind a proxy! No weirdness, just works!

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March 09, 2004

facets of God

Rev 11:15-19

Isaiah 58:11-12

I Cor 13 (transpose love with God)

Romans 5:6-8

Romans 8:26-27

others of course

and the idea that every single one of us has 100% of God's attention, all the time. He's 24/7 watching us and ready to listen & talk.

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March 04, 2004

not enough time

even ignoring all my non-programming commitments i still have a lot i'd like to spend my time on:

Apache Forrest
providers for OSUser (to be used by the forrestbot web interface)
tv guide for Calvin College
book connection for Calvin College
Kal's Quest game
personal webpage
photo gallery browsing framework
CSX sysadmin tools
qt3-win32 (kde-cygwin)
and probably more that've slipped off my radar since they've been pushed so far down the queue

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March 03, 2004

where i've been

create your own personalized maps

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March 01, 2004


i'm going to stop sleeping. it wastes valuable time.

i figure i can slowly cut back on sleep until i get to a minimum amount necessary to still function effeciently

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