May 29, 2004


saw shrek2 with the family tonight. thumbs up.

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May 27, 2004

Forrest is a TLP

Forrest's proposal to be a TLP (Top Level Project) got accept by the Apache Board. I will be on the Project Management Committee. Cool stuff, especially with 0.6 getting ready to roll out the door. Also today an OnJava article about Forrest was published.

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DSL died a few days ago at home. :-(

been busy settling into the new place though. last night i set up my desk and unpacked a lot.

going home tomorrow for the weekend. talk to folks and stuff.

been working 8-5.

Cherith will probably come back to GR in 2 weeks or around there

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May 21, 2004


packing.. move across town tomorrow. new ph# and address... ask me for it.

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May 19, 2004


done with a semester!

now back to the farmlife...

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May 09, 2004

control xmms w/ special keyboard keys

emerge xbindkeys
xbindkeys --defaults > ~/.xbindkeysrc
xbindkeys -mk

then press each key you'll use

copy, paste and modify that output into ~/.xbindkeysrc

then start it by just running xbindkeys (probably want to put it into your ~/.xinitrc)

mine has:

"xmmsctrl vol 0"
m:0x10 + c:166
"xmmsctrl vol -5"
m:0x10 + c:165
Mod2 + NoSymbol
"xmmsctrl vol +5"
m:0x10 + c:158
"sh -c 'if xmmsctrl playing; then xmmsctrl pause; else xmmsctrl play; fi'"
m:0x10 + c:159
"xmmsctrl stop"
m:0x10 + c:151
"xmmsctrl prev"
m:0x10 + c:164
"xmmsctrl next"
m:0x10 + c:162

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busy, busy, busy!

quick run down: 3 days of class, 2 days off, exams

At work, I've been busily enhancing Forrest's use of PDF output and .cwiki (JSPWiki's markup format) input format. Works quite well to run a JSPWiki for easy collobration and content creation, then whenever you feel like it, run a script to get the wiki files and put them into a Forrest site framework, and run Forrest to generate an aggregate PDF of all the files. End result: a very professional looking document that was easily created. Only problem is that whitespace is an issue in the wiki format because JSPWiki parses it slightly different than the Chaperon parser (part of cocoon, on which Forrest is based) so we have to be careful about little details in the formatting of the wiki pages.

Outside of work, I've been working on Forrest to close up some bugs, get the copyless branch ready to merge back, then we can merge it, apply a win9x build patch, move forrestbot2 into core (from scratchpad) and then make a 0.6 release.

I'm CSX president this year and next, so i did a joint-leadership meeting on monday which went pretty well (a slightly veiled threat in the email helped attendance). we're doing a colloquium/presentation on Monday. As sysadmin SIG leader I'm doing two parts of the presentation. I also have to do the game SIG presentation since Greg's going to be interviewing for an announcement. To get ready for that (in addition to actually figuring out what I'm going to say), I've got to make sure the LANTS doc build stuff is working good, and Greg & I have been putting a lot of time into Kal's Quest so we can "release" the game on Monday. We're getting pretty close but we have tons of ideas of things we would like to get in. 98% of them will wait for the summer.

Classes are busier than ever. In addition to regular work, I've got a 6-10 page spanish paper (long than any I've ever written in English!), an econ project, econ Wall St Journal articles to read/respond to (fault of procrastination), graphics 3d room walkthrough project, graphics modelling lab.

Then there's studying for exams which I haven't even started to think about yet.

And I have to move sometime this month. Not really sure when yet though.

But soon it'll all be over and I'll be working 4 days/week for GFS and 1/week (flexible!) for CSI. And no homework!

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