October 16, 2004

clothes shopping

I'm going clothes shopping with my significant other. I've never done this before... ever. I think I might die.

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October 04, 2004

linux for president

This Saturday, Jared and I went to the Ohio Linuxfest conference. President Bush spoke in the same building that same day. Unfortunately we didn't realize it until after he left, so we weren't able to try to see him.

The conference was cool, we only stayed for the presentations. The after-party would've been lots of fun, but we had a 5 hour drive back home. Met Rich Bowen from the ASF which was cool; he's the first ASF fellow I've met in real life. Also did some PGP keysigning, which will help for Andy & my senior project (spam prevention by using PGP & FOAF for whitelisting everyone in your trust web).

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This friday Cherith & I will have been dating for one year. Wow... it's been so fast and it's been so much.

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A vote for nader is a vote for a multi-party political system, which is quite possibly more valuable than any difference between Bush & Kerry. Why isn't there free competition in politics like there is in business? Can we sue the republican and democratic parties for monopolistic practices?

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it's been a bit, so here comes a bit.

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