November 30, 2004

November 28, 2004

what the heck?

why not splatter some thoughts on here again?

thanksgiving was great, except that it's over now. my (nuclear and extended) family is awesome. Cherith & her family are awesome. food & such was good.

life is so busy. only 2 weeks of school left. i'm actually tearing through my to-do list pretty well this afternoon, but only because it's a form of procrastination to avoid working on my religion paper due friday.

mon & tue are my last days of work at GFS. I won't miss it too much, mostly because I won't have time to notice and I do plenty of other programming stuff on my own & for class. It's been great workingi there, but I definately don't have time for it any more; moreover they don't have $ for me (even a lowly intern) in their tight budgets, but that's no suprise because they're in a hiring freeze this year again anyway.

i'll be looking for a full-time job to start in August after I graduate (I'm hoping to relax/hobby/travel for a couple months before I start the rat race fulltime). I've got a real good possibility back home in Midland, and a few minor leads here in the GR area.

Senior Project w/ Andy has been tons of fun; if you know about PGP/RDF/trust networks/server sync/MUA plugins let me know... until later we're keeping it out of the public eye while we work.

my room is too small for all my junk

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November 01, 2004


Halloween was fun. I was a giant leprechaun. There will be pictures :-) Might take a while though, because I didn't use my digital camera. It's been borked for about 9 months and just last week I sent it to the factory to get repaired.

Our landlords threw quite a party. They had a big old mansion on Madison that they had bought and hadn't fixed up yet. They decked it out with all the good haunted house stuff and food and drinks. They invited all their tenants and all their friends, so there were probably 100 people there, but we didn't know any. If we had it would've been quite the party, but instead we left after about 10 minutes.

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