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Jan 10, 2003 : in no particular order:

We have internet access in our "brother" raul's room. He's 30, and studying to be a teacher of some sort. Bryan and I share a room with him. Our parents have 2 older kids, both married. One couple is living in a room in our house until they can afford their own. The other has 2 little kids: Yoshua (boy, about 5) and Sohay (girl, about 1 or 2). They're around alot, our mama takes care of them during the day while their parents work. They're pretty shy, but opening up. Yoshua has lots of matchbox cars he plays with.

Last night I talked to our "papa" about the Mexican Church (he's a presbyterian pastor). So tonight I'm going to summarize it and reflect on it for the report. I'm also planning on doing one about the food here and some of the holidays.

We've had 3 lectures so far in class. They have been local teachers/professors that have talked about the people, the government, and the Spanish conquest of the yucatan. We also have gone to the beach, taken a city tour and gone to the zoo. Tomorrow we go to Dzibultchitlan (or something like that). It's a Mayan ruin site.

My Spanish has been improving a little and it improves a lot by writing down new words and talking with our family.

Our leader, Profesora Leder, knows my uncle, Jim Dekker, and knew my Grandpa. My grandpa was on a missionary board or something and she showed him around Puerto Rico once. And Anna (daughter of Jim)'s husband, Jason, has a cousin, Joseph, who's dating one of her daughters, I think. Small world.

Went to the beach today; water was a bit cold, but it was fun anyway. Tomorrow we go see some Mayan ruins at Dzibultchultan (or something like that).

Hmm... well, a lot's been happening and i'm sure i'm forgetting important details. I think we're going to eat dinner soon.

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