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Jan 19, 2003 : Flamingos, fish, church, and pizza.

Went to Loltu'n yesterday. It's a fishing town and surrounded by a big nature preserve. Saw lots of flamingos, other birds, a petrified forest, and lots of mangrove trees. Afterwards, we had really good fish for lunch. I had crabs, actually.

Today we went to Church at El Divino Salvador with our brother, Raul. Sunday School was good. I couldn't hear the pastor well, so I don't even know what the sermon was about. Then we went to the mall with Raul and Raul's friend, Noe' (Noah). Had a good time eating lots of food at a buffet and browsing through the mall. Went to Merida en Domingo; browsed through some vendors and listened to a band play some traditional music. Domino's Pizza for dinner. It tasted just like it does in the US

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