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Jan 23, 2003 : more stuff

today we went to the caves in loltun. they were both big and extensive. weather´s back to nice and hot in the 80s probably.

yesterday we had a lecture on Religion, then had free time until 4pm when we started our presentations (we each have to do one a topic of our choice). We did 10. Afterwards, we went to TGI Friday's and ate a lot. Then Brian and Raul and I went to see "Casarse.. esta' en griega" (My Big Fat Greek Wedding). It was in English with Spanish subtitles and was pretty good.

Tomorrow at around noon Luther and I are going to a pueblo. It's called Ake (or something like that). I'm staying until monday morning, but Luther's leaving Saturday afternoon I think because he's going to a ranch with his host family.

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