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May 29, 2005 : website redesign

Website redesign! It doesn't look like crap any more!

The look & feel are a wonderful medley (ie. hack job) of a template from OSWD and the TicTac template from b2evo (this blogging software).

I converted all the html to php so I can easily adjust the header & footer (it was a javascrite writeMenu(); !). But I don't have to use .php extensions: .htaccess has Options +MultiViews to do content negotiation. Pretty urls now.

Content-wise I updated and renamed college and highschool. Various updates all over the place, including the resume. And since my blog is updated somewhat frequently and I stopped updating my index page, there is no index! It just redirects to my blog.

All I have to do now is make the blog page margin between the left menu & content be appropriate for all browser widths. And configure the photo gallery (currently broken for unknown reason, probably time to upgrade to Gallery2 anyway) to use the them.

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