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May 31, 2005 : my worldview

If a quiz means anything....

You scored as Cultural Creative.

Cultural Creatives are probably the newest group to enter this realm. You are a modern thinker who tends to shy away from organized religion but still feels as if there is something greater than ourselves. You are very spiritual, even if you are not religious. Life has a meaning outside of the rational.

What is Your World View? (updated)
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Cultural Creative
















May 29, 2005 : website redesign

Website redesign! It doesn't look like crap any more!

The look & feel are a wonderful medley (ie. hack job) of a template from OSWD and the TicTac template from b2evo (this blogging software).

I converted all the html to php so I can easily adjust the header & footer (it was a javascrite writeMenu(); !). But I don't have to use .php extensions: .htaccess has Options +MultiViews to do content negotiation. Pretty urls now.

Content-wise I updated and renamed college and highschool. Various updates all over the place, including the resume. And since my blog is updated somewhat frequently and I stopped updating my index page, there is no index! It just redirects to my blog.

All I have to do now is make the blog page margin between the left menu & content be appropriate for all browser widths. And configure the photo gallery (currently broken for unknown reason, probably time to upgrade to Gallery2 anyway) to use the them.

May 18, 2005 : done with school forever!

So I took my last exam tonight. I'm done with school forever. And I made it out with writing comparatively little :-) Good thing because I don't like writing essays, especially not verbosely. If anyone has something worthwhile to say, they should be able to say it in two paragraphs. Anywho, for the record, I last night I tried to figure out the longest papers I've written and this is what I found:

  1. 22pp (originally 8pp at 9pt single spaced) - CS Senior Project paper (but Andy Schamp wrote over half of it)
  2. 10pp - Cultural Anthropology interview write-up (easy, just had to write about interviewee's answers to given questions)
  3. 8pp - CS Perspectives term paper
  4. 7pp - Doctrine of Revelation paper
  5. ... a few 5-pagers ...
  6. 4.5pp (spanish) - Lit of Spain II paper
  7. 4.5pp (spanish) - Survey of Spanish Lit paper
  8. ... lessers

May 12, 2005 : *ake me

  • Take me
  • Shake me
  • Break me
  • Make me

May 05, 2005 : sr project thoughts

Well Andy & I presented our Sr Project, Konfidi, yesterday. I guess it felt a little anti-climatic, but it really was not to benefit us but rather to share with our audience. Not as many questions as I had hoped for, but it went pretty well. I didn't even get nervous. I think, however, we didn't convey enough of the awesomeness of the project. Seriously, it's a sweet project and very exciting.

The presention slides and audio will be available soon. Paper probably not for a few weeks since we want to get some more feedback and maybe try to publish it. In the mean time, head over to (doesn't work in IE for some reason probably related to CNAME DNS records.. i don't know) or the project which includes a mailing list and the SVN repos of our code (and paper & presentation, if anyone wants to check that out now). After some polishing, I'll try to advertise this through some OSS communities and see how much interest we can generate from other developers.

May 03, 2005 : Using Cygwin, Keychain, SVN+SSH and TortoiseSVN in Windows

This is verbatim from my friend Andy:

How to use Cygwin, Keychain, SSH and TortoiseSVN together in windows.

A while back, I set up keychain to work under Cygwin so that I could easily manage various SSH keys with ssh-agent, since I prefer to use public keys for authentication.

I think that TortoiseSVN is a useful SVN client with a handy shell extension for Windows.

Recently, I switched Subversion servers to one which requires ssh+svn authentication. Having gotten used to typing my passphrase in once per session, I soon grew tired of punching the whole thing in every time.

Here's how you can set up TortoiseSVN to use SSH keys managed by keychain:

I'll assume you already have WindowsXP (though perhaps other versions would work as well), Cygwin, SSH, Keychain, and TortoiseSVN all installed and working properly, including setting up public/private key pairs and deploying them properly to the target SSH servers, including the svn servers you wish to use. This may not be as easy as it sounds, but there is good documentation on the web sites for each of these tools.

Create a batch file in a convenient location, called something like ssh.bat, containing the following line, replacing the paths to bash and ssh as appropriate:

c:\Cygwin\bin\bash.exe --login -c "/usr/bin/ssh %*"

Now open up the TortoiseSVN settings by right-clicking on a folder in the explorer and browsing the TortoiseSVN context menu.

In the Network tab, set the SSH client to the ssh.bat file just created.

Now, if you haven't already done so, open cygwin. Keychain will ask you for one or more passphrases for your SSH keys. Once the keychain session is created, any further interactive bash sessions will have access to the ssh-agent.

From now on, whenever you attempt to use TortoiseSVN to connect to a Subversion server using svn+ssh authentication which you've set up with your public keys, you won't have to enter a password or passphrase.

May 02, 2005 : old blog entries

My old blog entries are still available. Here's a monthly listing:

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