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Feb 25, 2006 :

finally created a account

: Gmail chat thoughts

I haven't heard much buzz about gmail's web interface to chat. Only a few people complaining about a extra icons on the sidebar.

First, IM on the web means no software to install. Very nice. But in the big picture, I see this as only one small step towards making all networked applications be web-based. The internet is pervasive and browsers are everywhere, but software apps are not. For maximum accessibility, nearly everything will go to the web. SMTP and POP3/IMAP have been accessible by webmail for a long time; IM is moving there (applets have been around, but plugins don't count); FTP is fading in favor of web CMSs; telnet for hardware device configuration has been replaced with web interfaces; SSH will become AJAX consoles on secured sites; networked PIMs will be web based; CVS has been pushed aside by Subversion; SMB/CIFS (windows file shares) will move to HTTP DAV filestores; . The only networked apps that will not move to HTTPS are specialized client/server configurations like rsync, gaming and probably VNC.

And Gmail is removing the diffences between IM and Email:

  1. Email address are used for screennames
  2. Same website for both
  3. History is saved for both
  4. When replying in either, previous messages are available directly above your composition
  5. One-click to reply to an email; zero for chat
  6. By default, email replies show an input field only for new body content. No subject, recipients, or previous body content
  7. You can email a reply to a chat log

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