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Mar 07, 2006 : Wikis: tagging releases and building distributable docs

I want to create project documentation on a wiki, and be able to build well-versioned, distributable releases. I've yet to find a wiki that can do this.

First, you have to be able to generate stand-alone documents (preferably HTML or PDF) that are still navigable and usable (i.e. not just a big dump of the wiki). Some wikis do this.

Second, you have need to store the documents in a versioned repository. One like subversion, that will support tags. You should be able to tag the whole wiki as "release-0.3" and then be able to browse the whole wiki as it was at that release and be able to rebuild that release's PDF/HTML docs. Subwiki seems to be dead; Kwiki has a SVK (distributed SVN) plugin, but I haven't tested it yet and I doubt you can browse "at" a tagged release.

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