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Apr 10, 2006 : Eagle's Nest, the Cornerstone University portal

Ever since I started at Cornerstone University, I've been working on recreating the university's portal. It was in Lotus Notes and now it's a regular web portal, backed by the almost-latest versions of Tomcat, Liferay, CAS, portlets, JSF, Spring, Hibernate, etc. And a bit of iframes, portletbridge (proxied content), and php just to keep things interesting.

You can't see much as a guest, but here's Eagle's Nest anyway.

It feels good to have it up and running (relatively smoothly), but I still have my work cut out for me so we can get off Lotus altogether within the next months.

: nice out

It's getting really nice out. My thermometer says 90° in the sun. I'm sure it's broken, but it is really nice. Maybe I'll get my bike out. And ride it.

: Linux on the airlines

So I went to Spain, and on the flights to & fro they had in head-rest (ahead of you) screens to listen to music, watch movies on demand, play games, etc. Turns out they sometimes freeze. And then crash. And then you see a linux boot screen. It went by real fast, but I recognized it easily. The only line of text that I recall was:

No ext2 filesystem found on /dev/loop

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