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Apr 15, 2006 : php bugtracking systems

So there are a lot of bugtracking systems out there, although it took me a while to start finding them. Wikipidia and are good places to start.

So I want to throw up a real bugtracking system for konfidi. JIRA, of course, would be excellent, but it's not yet worth it to request a license and figure out where we would host it. I want a php bugtracker that I can throw up on the site (a SourceForge clone).

Here's my quick evaluation of the top 5 contenders features that I would like to have. ?=questionable, -=not a feature, no entry=couldn't find evidence for or against

Immature; not even self-hosting; demo is empty
Somewhat unintuitive UI

emails to dev list : ?B F
schedule issues for milestones : B F ?M
account creation /w email verification : B -E F P M
attachments : B F P M
guest access : ?B F M

SVN integration: -B (patch)E -F -P M
personal bug subscriptions : B F M
reports : B F P M
build changelog file: M

Now I probably should set up BUGS, flyspray, and/or Mantis to do a real evaluation.

Anyone have recommendations?

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