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Apr 26, 2006 : Portal comparison: Liferay v. uPortal

For Cornerstone University's portal we decided to switch from our planned uPortal 2.5.1 implementation to use Liferay 3.6.1 instead. Several people have wondered why. Here's a few comparisons:

Feature Liferay uPortal
Customization AJAX drag & drop much more difficult, but slightly more options
User/group data integration Must use its own SQL tables (we wrote scripts to insert into those) Can map to remote SQL, LDAP, etc
Community big, but often unanswered questions in forum Smaller, seems more helpful, focused on higher-ed
Bundled portlets/channels A lot (78). We use several (RSS, menu navigation, portlet aggregrator, Wiki display, weather) Few, none of which provided much value to us
Themeing easy hard (~3 layers of abstraction)
Pretty URLs yes no
Layouts each group you are a part of has a layout (page) hierarchy; this works very well for us. We did have to write a Java utility to insert similar layouts into similar groups Don't think there is a way for heirachy of pages; each user's layout can appear different based on what groups they are in
Portlet hotdeploy yes no (?)
CAS for authentication yes yes
Installation into app server Messy; requires putting lots of jars into common Clean; the portal is just one webapp

A very good comparison of these and more portals:

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