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May 03, 2006 : Idea: feed feeds?

It would be nice to have feeds of feeds. Two good examples: a comment feed branching off of each item in a blog feed. Or a feed of your assigned issues/bugs with a feed of status changes branching off of each issue. (let's not start thinking about "threaded" feeds)

I'm not too familiar with OPML, but you could probably have a dynamic OPML of all the comment feeds of a blog. But you'd need a feedreader that would watch for changes to the OPML file. I'm not too familiar with OPML, but I don't think there's any way for it to changes over time well, like an rss/atom feed. Moreover, with OPML you wouldn't have a direct relationship between an item in the parent feed and the item's own child feed.

Is this possible at all, or would it require the next generation of specs & clients?

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Comment from: Lisa Williams [Visitor] ·
This is already possible; it's called Reading Lists. Aggregators like BlogBridge can subscribe to dynamic OPML files (OPML files whose list of RSS feeds change over time).
Permalink 05/04/06 @ 02:19
Comment from: Kyle Adams [Visitor] ·
That doesn't surprise me, but it also doesn't seem like the solution would be all that hard. Normal OPML files don't really need anything else to be "subscribed" to. Assuming the OPML file is dynamically generated, it would just be a matter of the client requesting the OPML and diffing against a local cache.
Permalink 05/05/06 @ 14:20

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