Post details: Tomcat JULI logging properties

May 25, 2006 : Tomcat JULI logging properties

Tomcat 5.5 provides the "JULI" implementation of the Java Logging API and extends it with things like per-classloader configuration. is decent documentation, but nowhere do they list all the properties for configuration.

I had to look into the source of org/apache/juli/ which was pretty hard to find too.

Anyway, here are all the properties:

  • org.apache.juli.FileHandler.prefix
  • org.apache.juli.FileHandler.suffix
  • org.apache.juli.FileHandler.level
  • org.apache.juli.FileHandler.filter
  • org.apache.juli.FileHandler.formatter

There is no pattern to control the formatting of the filename, so you're stuck with one that always has the date, I guess.

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Comment from: Yoav Shapira [Visitor] ·
Dave, thank you for letting us know of this imperfect documentation. I've taken the liberty to submit this as a Bugzilla issue (, and I have fixed it in SVN. The updated documentation will be available with the next Tomcat release (v5.5.18).
Permalink 05/25/06 @ 16:03
Comment from: Dave Brondsema [Member] ·
Thanks, Yoav. Fixing the source is better than talking about it somewhere else, of course.
Permalink 05/26/06 @ 00:33
Comment from: Yoav Shapira [Visitor] ·
I actually figured people who found the source and understood it would not need extra documentation, so I preferred to document the stuff in the more easily accessible location. But if you want more documentation in the .java file itself, I'll be glad to commit a patch -- just attach whatever you want to the Bugzilla issue referenced above.
Permalink 05/26/06 @ 09:06
Comment from: Dave Brondsema [Member] ·
No, by the "source" I actually meant the tomcat documentation, not the source code. It's better to update the tomcat docs (like you have) than for me to just blog about it.
Permalink 05/26/06 @ 09:11

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