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Jun 07, 2006 : Konfidi 1.0.0 releases

Non-nerdy overview: this is an announcement about the Konfidi project that I'm working on. It uses social networks of trust to help you filter email. And I'm using this post as one way to get the word out about the new releases (which hopefully will attract other developers). It's not usable by the general public yet.

The first major releases of the Konfidi software are now available. Version 1.0.0 of the following packages are now available at

  • FOAFserver
  • Trustserver
  • Trustserver Frontend
  • Client: cli-filter
  • Client: simple

Konfidi is a system that uses PGP signatures to determine authenticity, and distributed topical trust values to compute an inferred trust value of the author. The first (and motivating) application is to filter email. You'll be able to set your client to accept all email from senders with a high computed trust value and rigorously filter anything else.

If you know what a .procmailrc file is, you can start using Konfidi now with the cli-filter.

The project could make use of skills in: Java, Python, C/C++, from data synchronization to UI design, psychology/sociology research, and more. Join our mailing list if you are interested.

: explanations for non-nerds

So the youth leader at my home church back in Midland told me this weekend that I should have a blog about my blog, explaining the technical stuff to non-nerds. I've been trying to post more non-nerdy stuff to my blog, but explaining the technical stuff would be a good idea too. So I'm going to try to do that from now on, using a preface paragraph to the technical posts.

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