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Jun 15, 2006 : Microsoft has reached it's limits

So Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates is stepping down over two years, to spend more time at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, working on global health, etc. Why, you might ask? Because Microsoft has reached the limits of humanity. Gates needs to focus on keeping more people alive longer, so he can sell them his software.


That's thousands of lines of code.

An MSDN blog claims the current US developer averages 6200 LOCs/year. I counted what I wrote in the past 9 months, here at Cornerstone Univ, with the help of a student worker: 29,197 lines of Java code. Granted, a lot of that is boilerplate getters/setters, etc. But it also doesn't even count .xml configurations or .xhtml JSF/Facelet view definitions (think templates).

Non-nerdy: A LOC (line of code) metric is a bad way to measure software developer productivity, because anyone can produce more bad lines of code if they want. And decreasing lines of code sometimes makes the software better! But people use LOCs anyway because there's not much else (easily countable) to go by.

: xargs delimiters

If you have spaces in your input to xargs, you might want to split on spaces. For example (javafiles.txt is a list of files, some of which have spaces in their paths):
cat javafiles.txt | xargs -d \\n wc
Don't forget to double-escape the newline!

Non-nerdy: ignore this post!

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