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Jul 05, 2006 : new measures to filter my blog spam

I added a simple text-based CAPTCHA / turing test for this my blog. I also disabled trackbacks since there's no effective way to filter those.

I had been keeping up to date with a centralized blacklist and adding my own keywords as needed. It worked well enough until I started getting spam of entirely unique entirely random characters. For example Absolutely no way to block them en masse. Extremely annoying.

The CAPTCHA is working well, and the beauty of it (over an image-based on) is that as soon as a spammer modifies their bot for my current question/answer, I simply change it. No way for them to beat that long term :-)

Non-nerdy version: You now have to answer silly easy questions like "Type 'alberta'." when you post a comment. Don't listen to the movies... there is no computer AI that can answer challenges like that

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