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Aug 04, 2006 : Portlet 2.0 - Early Draft Review

The Portlet 2.0 JSR has released an Early Draft Review. Here are my thoughts. Read the document yourself for all the details, and remember this is only an Early Draft.

Resource Serving There's a new interface that a Portlet can implement, which allows it to serve resources. Now you don't have to also set up a servlet to serve resources. But you can delegate to a servlet if you want. Looks like this means in addition to action URLs and render URLs there are now resource URLs.
Portlet Filter Great news! A standard implementation of this is needed for things like a Hibernate "Open Session in View" pattern, or handling File Uploads in JSF. Instead of different implementations in many projects, a standard filter will be very good.
Events Portlets can publish and consume events for interportlet communication and portal communication. There's an interface that your portlet would implement; and GenericPortlet's implementation of this interface has a nice helper method so that you can write one method per event name and simply annotate that method to indicate which event it is supposed to handle. I would like to see the specification list a few standard events (e.g. "javax.portlet.portal.logout"), perhaps in an appendix.
Sharing Sharing session attributes and sharing render parameters are new features, although session attributes may be dropped since events can be used for the same purpose. I haven't found a need for any sharing yet. Nothing that can't be done with typical sharing via real messaging systems or shared data (database).
Portlet Window IDs It sounds like these will let there be better support for a portlet knowning which window(s) it is in.
AJAX Better support for AJAXy stuff will be in the next draft, they say.

Besides a list of some standard events, and the AJAX support, I'd like to see better interaction with the portal, for example:

  • Insert JS/CSS references into the head
  • Link to another portlet, or a certain page in the portal. This may be difficult to spec generically for all portals, but it would be very useful.

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