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Sep 10, 2006 : Password storage utilities mini-review

I read some KeePass coverage lately, and it does have ports to many operating systems, but a few weeks ago I started using PasswordSafe at work. So at home now I started looking into the PasswordSafe options for Linux.

MyPasswordSafe is a Qt app that only supports PasswordSafe v2 files, has very few fields for each "login" you save. It looks like there was a recent release, but the docs haven't been update for years.

Password Gorilla is a tcl/tk app that supports the latest features of PasswordSafe v3 files. It's a bit of work to set up (requires tclkit) but not too bad, and it runs on many operating systems. Doesn't have nice taskbar icon integration, though. This is what I started using on my Linux desktop.

pwsafe is a commandline utility that I haven't tried yet. Website shows that it hasn't been updated for about a year and only supports v2 files, unfortunately. This would be nice for ssh access to my linux passwordsafe file, if updated for v3.

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