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Sep 15, 2006 : more?

Pam thinks I should blog more. What do you think?

Sep 10, 2006 : Password storage utilities mini-review

I read some KeePass coverage lately, and it does have ports to many operating systems, but a few weeks ago I started using PasswordSafe at work. So at home now I started looking into the PasswordSafe options for Linux.

MyPasswordSafe is a Qt app that only supports PasswordSafe v2 files, has very few fields for each "login" you save. It looks like there was a recent release, but the docs haven't been update for years.

Password Gorilla is a tcl/tk app that supports the latest features of PasswordSafe v3 files. It's a bit of work to set up (requires tclkit) but not too bad, and it runs on many operating systems. Doesn't have nice taskbar icon integration, though. This is what I started using on my Linux desktop.

pwsafe is a commandline utility that I haven't tried yet. Website shows that it hasn't been updated for about a year and only supports v2 files, unfortunately. This would be nice for ssh access to my linux passwordsafe file, if updated for v3.

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Sep 07, 2006 : Open Development

Non-nerdy: version control systems are the tools that software developers use to share and track the source code used to build the software; open source licenses permit people to use others' source code in various ways; open development is a community concept about how the software project is managed

John Reynolds writes about Open software pragmatism - Free (as in beer) isn't the point which is along the lines of "Open Development" that has been talked about before. He should've shouted "free (as in speech) isn't the point, either" but whatever.

The practicality is that you can't force open development communities, even a community can't always force itself to do so when it wants to. So what can be done to help? For the matter of maintaining and merging your own set of patches and enhancements all the time, distributed version control seems like a good solution. PlanetApache readers know that Sam Ruby and Elias Torrez have been hacking on PlanetPlanet aka Venus, using bzr. But most projects use SVN or CVS which are centralized version control systems. Has anyone tried svk to maintain a personal SVN repo in sync with the central repo? I really should try that myself. Why don't major projects, like the Apache ones, use a distributed version control system? The only major project I know of using distributed version control is the Linux kernel, which uses git.

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