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Dec 19, 2006 : Re-search

Google indexes about 10 billion webpages. Maybe. It's hard to find a number. But it doesn't matter, because whether they index 10 billion or 2 million pages, I can't comprehend that number. I can read the number, but I don't really understand what it means.

But I'm starting to. I've been researching distributed trust networks on and off for a few years. Lately I've been doing more research in the area and finding tons of stuff that I hadn't seen before. Just by following links around and searching with slightly different phrases is revealing more and more stuff. My reading backlog is growing far too quickly :)

The most exciting things I've found are a mailing list for applied computational trust, and the T3 group which has lots of papers and event information available. I've been compiling most of my findings that are relevant to Konfidi (my distributed trust network project) at the Konfidi Research page.

Another way to try to comprehend it: if you looked at one page per second nonstop, it would take you 317 years to view 10 billion pages.

Dec 11, 2006 : Good news

Often media news coverage doesn't give much time to good things happening in the world. In the most recent issue of science, it covers the top 100 stories of the year. One of them was the creation of the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands Marine National Monument by President Bush in June. It spans 140,000 square miles. That's larger than the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park, and bigger than all U.S. national parks combined. It will eventually ban all commercial and recreational fishing within its borders.

Dec 02, 2006 : Google shows interest in social trust networks

The Google Code blog announces the Net Trust project from Indiana University. L. Jean Camp, who wrote the blog post and is leading the work on Net Trust, presented at the Models of Trust for the Web workshop. I was at that workshop, also, presenting the Konfidi trust system.

It's not entirely clear how Google is involved with the Net Trust project, but it is great to see places like Google showing an interest in social trust networks.

After trying the Net Trust demo, and reading Camp's paper on it, it seems like a good start. There's room for improvement in the system architecture, and the UI. It's only a demo, and Camp is a strong advocate of GOOD user interfaces to help users deal with trust appropriately, so I'm sure it will improve. (Konfidi has lots of room for improvement too...) It'll be interesting to see how Google helps their project.

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