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Jan 22, 2007 : shoes

I found out that my right shoe has a deep crack in the bottom. This makes my whole day quite uncomfortable if I step in any wet sloshy snow in the morning :(

Jan 20, 2007 : Headlights

I owe my faithful non-techie readers something a little more interesting, before I do any more esoteric posts.

So I was driving a long ways in the dark the past few days, on my way to and from the conference in Ohio. Other drivers headlights in my sideview mirror can be really bright and annoying when everything else is dark. And then there's some people who have helicopter search lights strapped to the front of their truck! I'm surprised I can still see. It'd be cool if the side view mirrors could switch modes like the rear view mirror for nighttime driving, but nope. I used to hold my hand in front of the mirror to block the light, but that gets tiresome quickly :) So here's my trick: I can turn my side view mirror up far enough that it doesn't reflect anything from behind me! It works great, just remember to watch your rearview mirror and maintain situational awareness (I like that phrase, but never get to use it!). And don't be surprised when you drive under a bridge. You'll see the bridge in your mirror and it seems kinda odd at first.

P.S. politics post is still on its way

P.P.S. when I get around to doing some website upgrading (realistically, several months away) I will set up my blog so that you can easily filter out the tech posts and just read the good stuff :)

Jan 19, 2007 : Multi-threaded optimization?

At CodeMash today, the keynote was about Microsoft's upcoming LINQ technology that allows you to integrated SQL-ish query language into your .NET code. Or IronPython code. And query native objects (e.g. process) and query XML. Datasources are extensible, and functionality of the query engine is extensible. Pretty cool. I hope an RDF implementation is written, to bring RDF to all the .NET developers. I feel like there is probably a huge chasm between .NET developers and RDF advocates, however.

Update: Hartmut Maennel has developed a RDF driver for LINQ (see his previous two posts, too). After thinking about this more, a SPARQL driver would be better, except that there aren't many SPARQL servers.

One of the nice features about "declarative intent" programming in a query (as opposed to programmatically looping through a list and checking for matches), is that the query engine can do optimizations for you, like leveraging multiple processors/cores (which will be very important in the future, since that is the future of computing hardware). It made me wonder, though, if standard algorithms like Java's Collections algorithms take advantage of multithreading. Does anyone know? I sure hope it does or will soon.

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Jan 18, 2007 : CodeMash conference

Bruce Eckel is giving the lunchtime keynote right now :) And there is a challenge to get 500 CodeMash blog entries on technorati (blog post aggregrator) before the end of the conference. So here's my contribution to help get one of the coordinators to shave his head.

The first keynote was about Domain-Specific Languages. DSLs make it easier for end-users or business-analysts to read & verify your code, and maybe even right some. Dynamic languages that can support them pretty directly. In the statically-typed world (which I prefer), there are tool factories fro DSLs that are being developed. That means a tool to generate a language, AST tools for it, refactoring support, and content-assist in an editor. Sounds exciting.

Posts on politics & headlights later. I want to pay attention to this keynote :)

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