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Jan 08, 2008 : Michigan 2008 primaries

Since my last post makes no sense to the majority of my readers, here's something else that makes me mad. Since Michigan moved their primary to Jan 15, before Feb 5, which isn't allowed by the Democratic National Committee (except for a few states that traditionally had them earlier) or the Republican National Committee, Michigan gets 0 delegates in the Democratic primary decision and they get half as many as normal for Republican. The major Democrats except for Hillary withdrew their name from the ballot, too. That makes me mad, so I found the voting record for MI senators, representatives, and the governor on this change. I know who I won't be voting for in the next MI elections.

: MediaWiki software and rel=nofollow

In case any of my readers run a MediaWiki site, you should know: By default, MediaWiki is configured to use rel=nofollow on links. This means anyone who sets up a MediaWiki site, not just wikipedia and its siblings. Here's more info and how to reconfigure it. That makes me mad. They should have better defaults.

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