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Aug 25, 2008 : Short thoughts - twitter

I've been using twitter some lately. It's sort of like public asynchronous IM or chatting. And there are many ways to post and read your updates, from IM-like apps, to text messaging, to their website. I don't know if I'll use twitter a ton, but I am some for now.

I've added my "tweets" to show up on my homepage under the heading "Short Thoughts". You can also check out my twitter page to read them there.

At least for now, I'm posting short tweets more often than long blog posts.

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Aug 15, 2008 : Populate Form Fields Bookmarklet

Sometimes you need to fill in lots of form fields, but you aren't using Firefox with the Web Developer Toolbar and it's "Populate Form Fields" tool. So I wrote a javascript bookmarklet that does basically the same thing.

Drag this to your bookmarks toolbar: Populate Fields

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