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Dec 24, 2008 : New job

I'll be starting a new job in a few weeks. I took a position at SourceForge Inc (formerly OSTG, OSTN,, VA Linux, VA Software). They run sites like (open source project hosting), Slashdot (news for nerds), ThinkGeek (geek gifts) and others. I'll be working on a new project within the company, not any of those sites. They are based on out California but have an office in Ann Arbor. I'll go to Ann Arbor sometimes, but primarily be working from home. That should be interesting :) I'm looking forward to it a lot... I think I'll enjoy the kind of work I'll be doing there, and the telecommuting should give me a lot of flexibility.

I will be sad to leave Cornerstone University. I've made lots of good friends there and truly enjoyed working there. I'll still be in the area, so I hope to stop by and visit now and again. After I gave them notice, I had a week before our long Christmas break that I spent writing lots of documentation of the things I know and do there. Not the most fun thing to do. After break, my last week there will be full of lots meetings. And trying to squeeze in some more documentation and finish a few more tasks from my list.

Have a Merry Christmas, everyone!

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