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Apr 05, 2009 : "FattyWars" game released!

A few friends and I have been working on a game for quite a while. We're finally done! FattyWars is a multiplayer space shooter. Designed for playing with unlimited* friends, and you can also play against the computer. Works best with dual analog controllers, but keyboard/mouse works too.

fattywars screenshot

You can download it from the FattyWars page. Works in Windows, Mac, and Linux.

* seriously. As many controllers as your computer can handle

Apr 01, 2009 : Working from home

Working from home is going pretty well. I've been going into the office near Ann Arbor about once a month, which is nice to work face-to-face with my coworkers (plus visit Cherith!). Besides that, phone, email and IM keep us in touch pretty well. And our project, FossForUs continues to be going well. It's quite functional and useful now, so one of our main goals is to start driving more traffic there.

Here's a few pictures of my home office setup:

One of the nice things about the desk is that there's a retractable crank so I can raise/lower it by about 8 inches:

And the whole front ledge can go up/down about the same amount. So I can get the keyboard & mouse high enough that I can stand up for a while to work:

And here's my view out the window, a few days ago. Spring is trying to get here!

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