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Dec 13, 2007 : Mixed drinks

Last week I mixed some apple juice with my hot chocolate after lunch. I didn't make it any better, rather, it was kind of bad. So today I tried a more extreme combination in hopes of a better result: hot chocolate and Mountain Dew. Can't say it was good, but I enjoy the confusion that my mouth experiences. It tastes mostly chocolatey at the beginning of a swallow but mostly dewey by the end. I recommend it, just for the experience.

Another good mouth confuser is ketchup on ice cream.

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Oct 09, 2007 : ♪♫


Cherith & I are going to 5 concerts in one month. Saturday was the GR symphony; tonight was Grizzly Bear; next Tuesday is Architecture in Helsinki, in Chicago. Then Yo La Tengo at Calvin College. Finally, Spoon and The New Pornographers in Houston, TX.

I link to Architecture in Helsinki since their music is very interesting and fun, and I'm looking forward to them the most. You should listen to a bit of them.


Oh, and TicketMaster is a rip off. Tickets end up costing 40% more than listed, due to "convenience" and processing charges. At least all these bands release their music through labels that are not members of the RIAA, so I may buy some of their music.

Aug 13, 2007 : Family vacation in N Carolina

Jun 27, 2007 : Awesome Instrument: the Theremin

The theremin is an electronic instrument that you play without touching: the position of your hands are measured by antennae which control the volume and pitch of the speaker sound. Very crazy stuff... I've wanted one since I heard of them, and after watching this video I really want one:

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Jun 10, 2007 : Goodbye, Midland

This weekend our whole family was in Midland for Chloe's high school graduation open house. It was the last time I'll be in Midland in the foreseeable future, since my Mom is joining my Dad in Houston very soon. I'll miss Midland, but not terribly. I'll miss the friends I have who are still there. Not much else to say, but thought I'd write something rather than nothing, at least for posterity's sake.

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