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Sep 15, 2006 : more?

Pam thinks I should blog more. What do you think?

Aug 21, 2006 : BarCampGrandRapids

BarCampGrandRapids was a great success! (follow the link to find out what it's all about). We had about 17 people show up friday night and about 14 on saturday. Not everyone spoke, but that was fine. We had plenty of sessions to fill the whole time, especially since we only split into two rooms for one session.

Starting Friday dinner worked quite well, I think. It gave an opportunity for the curious to show up, catch the intro and several sessions, and easily leave if it wasn't their thing. Only 5 of us stayed overnight, but it was good for those of us who did. Extra socializing, convenience, etc. Except that Campus Safety wasn't too clear on keeping the doors unlocked for us. Oh well.

The sessions given were all pretty good. I was particularly interested in Andrew's talk about Geo. I like that stuff, plus you can make lots of cool mashups. He had at least 4 :) I spoke briefly on Organizing Digital Photos, RSI, and Konfidi. I don't know how well I presented them, since they all were somewhat rushed because we were behind schedule. And I have a hard time getting an outside perspective on my own communicative flow. Jeff DeMaagd video recorded most (all?) sessions, so we'll probably make those available when we can.

Thanks to GFS for lots of food, Calvin for the facility, and Envoi Solutions for a fun friday night out.

See photos, bookmarks, and other blog entries that came out of BarCampGrandRapids.

Perhaps we'll see you all next year, to learn more, meet more new people, and get together with more friends!

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Jun 10, 2006 : pictures!

All my 2005-2006 pictures are now posted, including Scotland and Spain.

Jun 07, 2006 : explanations for non-nerds

So the youth leader at my home church back in Midland told me this weekend that I should have a blog about my blog, explaining the technical stuff to non-nerds. I've been trying to post more non-nerdy stuff to my blog, but explaining the technical stuff would be a good idea too. So I'm going to try to do that from now on, using a preface paragraph to the technical posts.

Jun 01, 2006 : Target gift registries suck

A friend is getting married soon and is registered at Target. I went to Target tonight and 2 of the 3 registry printing machines were out of service, and the one that did work only did so when it felt like it. Seems like you had to wait a few minutes between each use. And Customer Service can't print any on their own computers. Then when I find a product and go to buy it, it isn't recognized as being on the list. I say "whatever" and buy it anyway, because it is on the list. I just compared model numbers online and it turns out the only difference is I bought a black item and they registered for gray. It's cookware, it doesn't matter! Grr...

So the moral of the story: register at Bed Bath and Beyond, even though that's what everyone does. At least they can print registries for you, do free gift wrapping, and ask a million times if you need any help.

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