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Apr 21, 2006 : Comma-Separated Value files

me: any experience w/ Java CSV libraries?
kyle: csv, eh?
kyle: Not really
me: ok
me: I'll just pick one and run with it then :-)
kyle: The only csv file I've ever had to worry about really didn't have any c's in it
kyle: Since it was just one column
me: lol
kyle: Then I justed used FileUtils.readLines()
kyle: Which was beautiful

Apr 19, 2006 : No, I'm not engaged!

At Easter, I got asked several times if Cherith & I were engaged yet; and Cherith was asked once at her church. And another friend asked recently, too. So for the record, no.

But we're still dating, and Cherith is an absolutely wonderful girl that I love being with.

Mar 21, 2006 : Konfidi paper accepted at a WWW2006 workshop: MTW'06

Earlier this week I found out that the paper Andy & I wrote for our senior project, Konfidi, at Calvin College got accepted at the Models of Trust for the Web workshop. That workshop is on May 22, and is part of the WWW2006 conference in Edinburgh, Scotland.

This is pretty exciting! I will be attending to present the paper, but Andy will not be able to, unfortunately. I'm a little nervous about it all, too, of course.

My friend Andrey has a friend in London, so we're working on coordinating flying out there together. I'll probably then take a train from London to Edinburgh which could be pretty nice.

Nov 12, 2005 : wishlist

My wishlist has been updated for the upcoming season. And I fixed my blog theme so it's not pink (that was fun for a while) and it has the navigation menu again.

Oct 31, 2005 : teaser and programmathon review, or, asynchronous blogging

thumbnail: route of trip out west First, a teaser! That's the route I took on my road trip out west this summer; each night's location is marked. I've been meaning for a very long time to blog about this. And perhaps this map will serve as motivation for me to do so fully.

Second, this weekend I did a 48 hour programmathon with a few friends. 9am Fri - 9am Sun, +1 hr for DST. I joined around 4pm, coding commenced around 5pm, we worked till 4am, slept till 10am, coded till 4am, slept till 8:30 and coded till 9:30. So about 30 hours of coding if my math is right. Most time was spent on getting jmonkeyengine (darn quaternions!) to work, and figuring out how to do trig again. It would be nice to start with a base (like our current game) if we do it again. By the end we got a reasonably playable asteroids game. We didn't spend time on packaging for distribution/download, so you can't see it now. Perhaps someday.. yeah right :-)

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