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May 05, 2005 : sr project thoughts

Well Andy & I presented our Sr Project, Konfidi, yesterday. I guess it felt a little anti-climatic, but it really was not to benefit us but rather to share with our audience. Not as many questions as I had hoped for, but it went pretty well. I didn't even get nervous. I think, however, we didn't convey enough of the awesomeness of the project. Seriously, it's a sweet project and very exciting.

The presention slides and audio will be available soon. Paper probably not for a few weeks since we want to get some more feedback and maybe try to publish it. In the mean time, head over to (doesn't work in IE for some reason probably related to CNAME DNS records.. i don't know) or the project which includes a mailing list and the SVN repos of our code (and paper & presentation, if anyone wants to check that out now). After some polishing, I'll try to advertise this through some OSS communities and see how much interest we can generate from other developers.

Apr 29, 2005 : Sr Project Presentation

Andy Schamp & I will be presenting our Sr Project:

Konfidi: Stopping Spam with Trust Networks

Wed, May 4 @ 3:30pm
Calvin College, NH253

Abstract: We have developed a system to filter emails based on the trustworthiness of the sender. This uses a network of PGP cryptographic signatures to determine authenticity and a network of topical trust to determine trust ratings between people. The system can be applied to many other topics, such as rating the accuracy of information in a webpage, or trusting an online merchant.

A formal paper, all of our code, and website will be announced shortly after the presentation.

: President Bush at Commencement

President Bush will be the commencement speaker for us graduating seniors at Calvin College.

Feb 01, 2003 : i'm back

i got back to Calvin College last night at about 12:30am. The last 2 days were in Playa del Carmen. We basically just hung out on the beach and had lots of fun. I have a lot of pictures to put online and hopefully that'll be done soon. Overall, the trip was a lot of fun (and I learned stuff too).

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Jan 27, 2003 : last entry from mexico

well folks, tomorrow at 6:30 we leave for Playa Del Carmen. We're going to spend one day there and then one in Cozumel. Friday we're travelling from 12pm until midnight (more or less). I'll probably post another update afterwards.

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