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Apr 05, 2009 : "FattyWars" game released!

A few friends and I have been working on a game for quite a while. We're finally done! FattyWars is a multiplayer space shooter. Designed for playing with unlimited* friends, and you can also play against the computer. Works best with dual analog controllers, but keyboard/mouse works too.

fattywars screenshot

You can download it from the FattyWars page. Works in Windows, Mac, and Linux.

* seriously. As many controllers as your computer can handle

Feb 07, 2009 : stuff

In the past week I:

  • Walked around Chicago in really cold temps. Cherith & I went to visit friends.
  • Almost burned down Cherith's house. I left a light on that had a cloth on it, and started a small fire. No real damage, fortunately
  • Made red hot cinnamon apples. And a few pears! One recipe suggested it and they were pretty good too.

Oct 08, 2008 : Highlights of Bruce Peninsula Trip

Cherith and I went to the Bruce Peninsula 2 weekends ago for a nice long-weekend vacation. It was a lot of fun hiking along the Bruce Trail and seeing the great views of the peninsula. Since I haven't updated my photo gallery in such a long time, I feel obliged to share at least a few highlight pictures. And put them on a map! Since that is kind of cool for you to see where we went. It's a bit of a drive from Michigan, but very easy driving along the highway in Canada, not much traffic. So go ahead and view a few of our best pictures on a Google Map

Jun 29, 2008 : photos of road trip to Atlanta & Chattanooga

Someday I'll actually have a process down pat to get my pictures onto my website in a timely manner. In the mean time, you can look at my sister's pictures from a recent trip with friends

Oct 09, 2007 : ♪♫


Cherith & I are going to 5 concerts in one month. Saturday was the GR symphony; tonight was Grizzly Bear; next Tuesday is Architecture in Helsinki, in Chicago. Then Yo La Tengo at Calvin College. Finally, Spoon and The New Pornographers in Houston, TX.

I link to Architecture in Helsinki since their music is very interesting and fun, and I'm looking forward to them the most. You should listen to a bit of them.


Oh, and TicketMaster is a rip off. Tickets end up costing 40% more than listed, due to "convenience" and processing charges. At least all these bands release their music through labels that are not members of the RIAA, so I may buy some of their music.

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