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May 07, 2007 : to be an old man

I've wanted to be an old man for a while. Perhaps it started with the "Michigan State Grandpa" tshirt that I bought (my friend Brian got one too) while visiting a friend at MSU several years ago. Or perhaps when Cherith starting saying to me: "You've got rice in your beard, old man!" The advantages of being an old man are great: you can be weird and looney, or just plain grouchy and people write it off: "he's just an old man". You also get to have a big gray beard. And years of "wisdom" to yell at little'uns by. Now today the internet was out at my apartment for a while so I went for a jog. I haven't done that in a while and now my legs are sore. And weak, especially when trying to stand up from sitting. So I feel like an old man since I have trouble even standing myself up. Also today, I got the results from my MRI on my elbow (I fell on it before winter and it hurts when pushed straight in certain ways) and it turns out nothing is wrong really. Everything is normal; I just have to live with it (which isn't too bad). I forget how it came up when I was talking about it at work, but Drew concluded it makes me like an old man.

Step by step I'm working towards my goal. Pretty soon I'll age past you all!

Mar 21, 2007 : word fun

After spoonerisms, portmanteaux are my favorite form of word play. They are a combining of multiple words into one. For example, a weirdalfternoon is an afternoon spent listening to Weird Al. Unfortunately, linguists no longer use the word "portmanteau" but call them "blends". That's dumb, because its a terribly boring name for such a fun thing.

Spoonerisms, my favorite, are simply an interchange of letters/sounds among words in a phrase. For example, "wild turkey" is said as "tiled wurkey" (written as you pronounce it). You can get more tricky (and fun!) by exchanging vowels or consonants in the middle of words, or exchange more than two sounds: "Chinese Gourmet Buffet" becomes "binese chormet guffet" (say that three times fast!) and "drugs & alcohol" becomes "hugs & dracula"

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Oct 19, 2006 : Wikipedia!

I can't be held responsible for any time wasting that may ensue.

Lunch talk today covered various topics stemming from Wikipedia articles. Here's some good ones:

  1. 1,000,000,000; the largest number in wikipedia
  2. List of wikipedia's numbers
  3. Transnistria a region of Moldova that has claimed independence from Moldova. It's independence is not recognized by the UN, but it is by Moldova. See also Unrecognized states with de facto control over their territory
  4. Lesser known Generic TLDs such as .cat (for Catalan language & culture sites) and .int (for international organizations)
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Apr 27, 2006 : Surprise! the .int top-level domain

I never heard about .int domains. But I stumbled across today.

Another non-country-code TLD besides the popular (.com, .org, etc) and silly sponsered ones (.aero, .museum, etc) is .cat (for Catalan language/culture).

Sep 21, 2005 : the way data should be

Census data + Google maps = super-accessible data

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